Overweight and obesity are huge public health problems. In Europe, about 1 in 2 adults and up to 1 in 5 children are affected, and many of the overweight children carry their excess pounds into adulthood. Consequences of overweight and obesity include a higher risk for diseases such as type II diabetes, heart disease and cancer. Social stigma often adds to an already diminished quality of life. The IDEFICS study has set out to stem the obesity epidemic through targeted interventions that teach people the basics of healthy living.

Managing body weight forms a central part of the IDEFICS study. Our body weight is intimately linked to our dietary and lifestyle habits. Once established, these habits are notoriously difficult to change. Therefore, it is essential to develop healthy habits early on, and to establish healthy living in kindergartens and schools, to be able to enjoy life to the full. But most of our habits are shaped at home, in the family setting. Helping parents understand what they can do to get their children on the right track to a healthy lifestyle is one of the main aims of the study.

To this end, the IDEFICS study has formulated six key messages - based on international scientific recommendations - that provide parents with simple measures for their children to learn healthy living. In a series of 3 podcasts, the key messages and practical tips are reiterated and complemented with further insights provided by selected IDEFICS researchers. 


Podcast 1: Refresh your child with water

Podcast 2: Fruit and vegetables taste delicious!

Podcast 3: Encourage your child to be more active / Help your child to get enough sleep



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